GISmatters is ready to take your mapping online. We offer a full range of solutions, from the simplicity of our Plug & Play Maps web service giving rich, interactive displays of your data on your website by just pointing to your data files, to custom Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or OpenLayers mapping applications embedded in your web pages, to full-blown server-side GIS applications. We work with you every step of the way to determine the most effective ways to provide your web visitors with the most captivating and informative maps of your information.

Internet Mapping: Client-side

Custom client-side web mapping
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GISmatters has the expertise and experience to help you tap into the rich possibilities for custom interactive web-mapping applications that are available with online mapping services from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, OpenLayers, and others. These services combine detailed basemap options (satellite imagery, street maps, elevation, and more), a simple user interface for map navigation, and a full-featured programming interface to give you powerful ways to engage your web visitors through data display and capture. We work with you to define your mapping needs and vision, then we design, develop, and deploy a complete system, whether it's a simple locator map, a data-driven display of information from your database, or a means to collect information from your visitors.

As one very simple example, we provide an online digitizer which lets you get the coordinates (latitude, longitude) for a point, line, or polygon by clicking on a map. While this is only practical for limited data entry (a property boundary, bike route, tourist attractions, etc), it demonstrates the basic user control, input, and output elements of more sophisticated applications.