GISmatters is ready to take your mapping online. We offer a full range of solutions, from the simplicity of our Plug & Play Maps web service giving rich, interactive displays of your data on your website by just pointing to your data files, to custom Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or OpenLayers mapping applications embedded in your web pages, to full-blown server-side GIS applications. We work with you every step of the way to determine the most effective ways to provide your web visitors with the most captivating and informative maps of your information.

Internet Mapping: Server-side

Server-side GIS Application
Click to visit the live MassACORN site
When you need complete control over your web-based mapping application and data, the solution is to run an internet-enabled GIS system on your web server. GISmatters designs, develops, and deploys server-side mapping applications using open source (MapServer+CartoWeb) or commercial (ArcIMS) GIS server systems. We can provide full-service data and application development, or work with your existing desktop GIS data to build the internet mapping experience you want to provide to your website visitors.

One example of our work is the MassACORN mapping application. This application provides a full GIS experience, giving the user a menu of data layers that can be switched on and off; a set of tools for zooming, panning, measuring, and querying; a fully annotated and resizable map display; an index map; and much more. This application was developed using MapServer as the GIS engine and CartoWeb as the user-interface framework.