GISmatters provides data development and database solutions tailored to the information and business demands of your enterprise, whether location-sensitive or not. We work closely with you through every stage of design, planning, development, installation, and training to ensure the result fits seamlessly into your operation to enhance your workflow, productivity, and ability to fully utilize your information resources.

Data & Database: File Conversion

MS Word mail-merge form
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MS Word mail-merge output

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We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to convert large batches of documents and data from one format to another, and to integrate documents with standard office applications for seamless document production. We have specific experience converting between:
  • Wordperfect <--> Microsoft Word (pictured at right)
  • Lotus <--> Excel
  • Image formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, etc...
  • Satellite data: LandSat, AVHRR, GOES, SPOT, NLAPS, etc...
  • Shapefile <--> Coverage
  • Coverage <--> Geodatabase
  • Raster formats: BIL, ESRI GRID, ASCII, BIP, BSQ, Surfer, etc...
  • GIS vector <--> GIS raster
  • Paper map <--> GIS data
  • Data/table formats: DBF, Excel, Text, INFO, etc...
  • ...and many more

We also have experience integrating data and software products, such as automating the batch production of documents from a template in a word processor and data from a database application. The images at right show documents we converted for a client from Wordperfect to Word, preserving the mail-merge fields, and then hooked up to an Access database to drive the document production from the database.