Although GIS and other information technology systems continue to increase their range of out-of-the-box capabilities, there are still several general reasons to consider custom software development: automation of complex or repetitive tasks; creation of a customized application and interface; development of functionality that goes beyond what is available in the standard software; or integration of GIS functionality with other software components. GISmatters has the programming experience and GIS expertise to develop and deliver such custom solutions.

Customization: Spreadsheet Automation

Example of map label placement output
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Integration of multiple data sources and/or applications is a common need that can be automated to improve speed, accuracy, and reliability. Sometimes small custom applications or scripts must be written to deal with special data formats or special requirements for where to store the data for an application such as Microsoft Excel or Access. We have long experience and a wide range of tools to provide our clients with focused, robust integration solutions.

We also provide expert spreadsheet automation and validation services. Clients with complex, multi-sheet and multi-workbook models or data tracking systems can realize tremendous productivity and quality gains by working with us to implement systematic data organization and validation, automation of repetitive tasks, and data auditing, QC, and reporting features.