GISmatters, Inc. provides targeted services and solutions to your needs involving location, distance, connection, and other relationships among data sets. We deliver accurate, apt, and appealing solutions that transform data to performance-improving insight. Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, database, data visualization, statistical, and custom software applications, GISmatters creates maps that illuminate, analyses that reveal, and products that perform.

About Us: Expertise

Conceptual/Analytical/Methodological Expertise


• internet mapping application development, data automation, raster-to-vector conversion, GPS integration, address geocoding, attribution, validation, multi-criteria/constraint mapping, network/route analysis, raster modeling, Monte Carlo methods, error propagation, terrain analysis, hydrologic/watershed modeling, visibility analysis

Remote Sensing

• geocoding/rectification, radiometric/atmospheric correction, terrain correction, kernel/convolution filtering, supervised (e.g., MLE) & unsupervised (e.g., ISOCLASS) classification, PCA/EOF, Fourier/wavelet methods, data fusion, change detection, hyperspectral methods, feature extraction


• analysis of variance, multivariate regression analysis, spatial pattern analysis, interpolation and prediction, kriging, spectral/timeseries analysis, cluster analysis


• 2D/3D/more-D, plot/image/schematic, map to globe, swath profile, multi-surface, animation, more...

Computer Expertise


• GIS: ArcGIS 8.x/9.x, ARC/INFO, ArcView 3.x, Manifold 7.x, MapServer, QGIS, Google Maps/Earth, OpenLayers, GRASS, IDRISI, Access, Crystal Reports

• Remote Sensing/Image Processing: PCI Geomatica, ER Mapper, ENVI, Imagine, PhotoShop, ArcGIS

• Visualization: IBM Data Explorer/OpenDX, IDL, PV-WAVE, MATLAB


• Languages: Python, ASP.NET, VB/VBA, C/C++, JavaScript, Java, Fortran, MPI, Pascal, FORTH

• Application scripting: ArcObjects, ARC/INFO AML, IDL, MATLAB, ERMapper, Excel, Access

• OS shell programming: Unix (ksh, csh and variants; sed/awk; Perl); VMS DCL

• Assembly: 8051, 80x86, 680x0, 6502