We have over 25 years of experience using standard and custom-developed GIS and image processing software to render, analyze, and animate 3-dimensional surfaces and spaces. These techniques let you see, interact with, and understand your data on an intuitive basis, using your innate expertise developed through a lifetime of navigating and comprehending the real 3-dimensional world of surfaces, shadows, and spatial relationships. Not to mention that they just look cool...

Animation: Paleoclimate

3D Data animation of paleoclimate isotherms
Click image for animation (1.2Mb)
GIS and 3D visualization software can be used to animate your data - whether geographic or non-spatial - to see how it changes through time or space, or under changing assumptions.

This animation shows the summer temperature isotherms from a climate model of the earth shortly after the breakup of Pangea (about 200 million years ago). Each frame of the animation shows the shape and location of the "surface" within the atmosphere where the temperature is constant at some value (displayed in the caption of each frame), going from coldest (in the upper-mid atmosphere, not at the top!) to warmest (at the surface). Both the atmospheric thickness and the topography are grossly exaggerated vertically to make it easier to see the structures. Colors of the land surfaces indicate elevation; colors of the isothermal surfaces indicate the temperature.