GISmatters provides data development and database solutions tailored to the information and business demands of your enterprise, whether location-sensitive or not. We work closely with you through every stage of design, planning, development, installation, and training to ensure the result fits seamlessly into your operation to enhance your workflow, productivity, and ability to fully utilize your information resources.

Data & Database: Database

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We produce custom database systems for your non-geographic information needs, as stand-alone solutions or integrated with your geographic data. We can take you from start to finish: helping you to translate your needs and ideas into a functional specification for information input, storage, access, update, analysis, and archiving; performing on-site testing of prototypes to keep the development on track; installing and integrating the database with your existing systems; and training your people to quickly bring them up to full efficiency with the enhanced capabilities a properly implemented database system affords.

Our decades of experience developing applications for business, medical, environmental, and academic environments has taught us the importance of working closely with clients and users to ensure a design that meets their needs today and anticipates their needs of tomorrow, saving them from the lost money and time that are too often wasted when short-sighted solutions are adopted. We pride ourselves on delivering focused, functional solutions built on a strong foundation and wrapped in a clean, clear, intuitive user interface.