GIS provides the framework needed to identify the optimal site(s) for facilities or activities such as store locations, warehouses, service centers, drilling sites, municipal facilities, wireless communications towers, recreational facilities, habitat protection zones, and so on. You provide the criteria, we provide the results.

Location & Allocation: Sales Territories

US Sales Territories
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GIS is an ideal framework for understanding the relationships among the many location-dependent factors governing the success of a business, from demographics to travel-times. These data can be applied to many aspects of the business enterprise to ensure optimal siting of outlets, headquarters, warehouses, or sales reps with respect to customers, workers, suppliers, and transportation facilities.

This map shows a set of optimal sales territories derived from spatial analysis of market, demographic and distance data subject to a number of constraints: socio-economic thresholds, target number of prospective customers, maximum travel-time within the territory, compactness of territories, and maximum total number of territories. For this client, our analysis let them increase the total number of sales territories while reducing the number of under-performing territories and showing them where to refocus their advertising expenditures for maximum effect.