The earth's surface is the most fundamental element in virtually all GIS applications, because it influences or determines most geographic phenomena, from river networks to road networks, retail sites to recreation sites, hazardous areas to havens. We have decades of experience mapping, modeling, analyzing, and visualizing terrain from local to global scales. We have developed expertise and custom tools for solving a wide range of applied challenges involving the earth's surface.

Terrain: Topography

Image of a continent (N. America)

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We can provide terrain data and/or computer-generated terrain images for any part of the world, from the global to the local scale, with a wide variety of resolutions, options, and features. You specify the area of interest, the layer(s) you want (terrain, slope, satellite imagery, aerial photography, political, demographic...), and how you want the final result to look - we take it from there and return your data or image in electronic or hard-copy (up to 36" wide and unlimited length for hardcopy).

If you are interested in exquisite large-format art prints of terrain and satellite imagery, we recommend a look at the work of our friend Jay Hart at Earth Pattern. He has an eye for color, composition, and landform that results in surprising, fascinating, and captivating earth art.