We have over 25 years of experience using standard and custom-developed GIS and image processing software to render, analyze, and animate 3-dimensional surfaces and spaces. These techniques let you see, interact with, and understand your data on an intuitive basis, using your innate expertise developed through a lifetime of navigating and comprehending the real 3-dimensional world of surfaces, shadows, and spatial relationships. Not to mention that they just look cool...

Animation: Simulated Flyby

Still frame from Mt. Everest flyby animation
Click image to play a reduced-resolution excerpt from the animation (4.3Mb)

Still frame from flyby animation

Click image to play a reduced-resolution excerpt from the animation (3.2Mb)
GISmatters produces custom flyby simulations combining terrain models, aerial photography or satellite imagery, and optional annotation or other special components. We specialize in extending animation and visualization tools to meet specific client needs in entertainment, education, exploration, re-creation, planning, prototyping, and simulation. Two recent examples are included here.

One client requested a flyby along the standard trekking route in the Nepal Himalaya from the airport at Lukla to the Mt. Everest Base Camp, with overnight stops and other points-of-interest labeled. Of course, with simulations there's no reason to stop at the base camp, so the full animation continues up and over the top of Everest and down the Rongbuk Glacier on the Tibetan side.

Another client brought us in to design and direct the mapping and cutting of perhaps the world's largest wedding proposal for the television show Perfect Proposal. To assist the production team in visualizing, planning, and filming the whole event, we put together a virtual fly-by animation. We built an elevation model for the site and surrounding areas, and draped it with regional satellite imagery and local high-resolution aerial photography. Finally, we altered the aerial image at the proposed site to give an idea of the size and visibility of the proposal.