GIS provides the framework needed to identify the optimal site(s) for facilities or activities such as store locations, warehouses, service centers, drilling sites, municipal facilities, wireless communications towers, recreational facilities, habitat protection zones, and so on. You provide the criteria, we provide the results.

Location & Allocation: Wireless Mapping

Wireless coverage map
We deliver a range of wireless coverage maps and market analyses, depending on your needs and available data resources. Coverage maps range from simple line-of-sight visibility maps using a "bare earth" model, to more accurate analyses that include the effects of trees and man-made obstructions. Market analyses range from rough approximations based on census data to address-specific household and business counts, including mailing lists of potential customers within the signal coverage zones. We can create these maps and analyses for simple single-antenna systems or more complex configurations involving multiple antennas and repeaters.

The image shows a portion of a single-antenna coverage map, with the antenna shown as a red dot on a hilltop in the southwest corner. Magenta areas indicate locations with line-of-sight visibility to the antenna, including forest effects but not buildings. Light green areas are forested areas visible to the antenna; dark green are forested areas not visible from the antenna.