The confluence of climate change, accelerating development, and other factors has led to a steep increase in the frequency and costs (human and financial) of natural disasters around the country and the globe. With our expertise in GIS and a strong background in earth system science, GISmatters can provide cost-effective site-specific and regional assessments of natural hazard risks. These are ideal when detailed and expensive hydrologic or geotechnical assessments are not needed, or to prioritize their implementation at various sites.

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Sea-level rise scenarios
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GISmatters has extensive experience analyzing and modeling a wide range of earth system processes at a variety of scales. In addition to our flood and landslide models, we can put off-the-shelf or proprietary data to work solving complex what-if scenarios involving climate change, storms, hurricanes, waves, coastal inundation, coastal erosion, sea-level rise, land subsidence, glacier melting and outburst floods, seismicity, and more.

The image at right is a low-resolution (1 kilometer) depiction of land surfaces affected by various sea-level rise scenarios ranging from modest (50cm due to glacier melting and thermal expansion of oceans, red) to severe (melting of Greenland ice sheet, orange), to catastrophic (partial or complete melting of Antarctic ice sheets, yellow and green).