The confluence of climate change, accelerating development, and other factors has led to a steep increase in the frequency and costs (human and financial) of natural disasters around the country and the globe. With our expertise in GIS and a strong background in earth system science, GISmatters can provide cost-effective site-specific and regional assessments of natural hazard risks. These are ideal when detailed and expensive hydrologic or geotechnical assessments are not needed, or to prioritize their implementation at various sites.

Natural Hazards: Landslides

Terrain model with/without landslide zones

Landsat image with/without landslide zones

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We have developed a site-specific landslide model that estimates the risk of landslides based on both the generic ability of terrain surrounding the site to generate landslides that could reach the site, and on the characteristics of the terrain, land cover, lithology, and landslide history of the potential landslide source areas. In addition to these potential source areas, the conditions at the site itself are taken into consideration to arrive at an overall landslide risk estimate.

The images to the right are derived from maps generated for the U.S. Department of State as part of a large multi-natural hazards assessment for hundreds of locations around the world.